About me

Ziggy showing me some love

Born in southeast Asia and raised in central Europe, with family members scattered all around the globe, I have a hard time identifying one place that I could call home. My job, teaching English as a second language, mostly to Italians, and in more recent years my husband (and my cat) provided me with my real home.

I’ve been working in language training for over 15 years, both through language schools and with individuals. I’ve taught English to pretty much all sorts of people, from kids as young as 3 to elderly as mature as 83. I’ve taught in living rooms, pubs, business meeting rooms and even in the park. I’ve hunted pretty much any website in the world wide web offering free and paid resources to use in classes and have used a variety of course manuals.

I hope to be able, with this blog, to share what I’ve learned and what I’m learning with my colleagues, and that by doing so I shall be able to help others just like I’ve been helped throughout the years.

(I maintain and support this blog entirely on my own. However, support is always appreciated!)