The beginning

Ziggy and I, impromptu performers for the presentation video

Welcome to!

My name is Milcah and I’ve been an ESL teacher for 15 years.

I am originally from the Philippines, though I’m quite the ethnic mix. I currently live in Milan with my husband, Luca, and my cat, Ziggy.

Why does this blog exist? Thank you for asking, imaginary person.

I bought this space thinking of making my small scale contribution to the ever-growing world of online resources for language teaching. The idea was to share the difficulties and accomplishments that come with the job, tell a few anecdotes and upload a few freebies to help busy teachers like myself. Basically everything portals that onestopenglish, busyteacher and the rest do already, but curated by me.

So there I was, creating a logo, planning course syllabuses divided by level, preparing graphics, and then…Covid-19. Suddenly everyone’s lives was upturned while we all ran around trying to save our jobs and plans just to see things keep changing and slipping away from between our fingers. Which left me in a less than optimal state to start new ventures, if I’m being honest, as I had a daily struggle to save the ongoing ones.

And just as I started getting comfortably numb in hibernation, suddenly we were out of a lockdown, out of summer haze, scrambling for a restart. And I had dropped my project. Not only was the guilt gnawing at me, I felt that I had missed on the potential of this project, how it could have helped both use productively the extra time I had during lockdown, network for more jobs and have some extra resources ready for my own lessons.

But alas, I missed that chance, so now I need to knuckle down and work twice as hard! So, not only do I have a first post, I also have a first video presentation, just to welcome you all to my new project.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

the Gypsy

They say “Show, don’t tell”. Well, this video is all about me telling you why I started this blog, but I promise to start “showing” as soon as possible!